It is an established fact that entrepreneurship plays an important role in the development of the modern economic environment. The orientation of new business activities in the development of innovative products and services to meet social needs, and innovative organizational and management practices, are key features of modern entrepreneurship. The Student Conference in Management Science and Technology aims at a nationwide scientific meeting of new faculty members, doctoral students, young researchers and undergraduate / graduate students in order to investigate the contribution of innovation in the development of modern forms of business activities. During the conference will highlight the modern alternative forms of entrepreneurship, their perspective to the changing economic environment and will explore the role of management science and innovation in the development of new business activities. Students from all Greek universities, professors, representatives of agencies and enterprises give this to the organization. The participants have the opportunity to attend the thematic sessions held and whose principal aim is to present the work of young researchers of many Greek and foreign universities. Alongside conducted lectures by business executives and organizations presenting best practices in Business Innovation sector. The scientific committee of the conference consists of the Department of Management Science teachers and SLC Technology and the organizing committee is composed of students of the department.

Indicative Topics

Predictive Analytics
Data Science
Deep Learning
Artificial Neural Networks
Business Intelligence & Analytics
Data Mining
Big Data & Social Media
Cognitive Computing
Robotics, IOT & Industry 4.0
Artificial Intelligence & Industry 5.0
Machine Learning & Big Data
Artificial Intelligence & Direct Marketing
Data Quality Management
Data Governance
The Multi-Cloud Strategy
Data Privacy and Security
Human Resource Management
Organisational Psychology
Supply Chain Management
Software Engineering
Digital Innovation
Information Systems
Business Strategy

Principal Managers
Panagiotis Louridas, Associate Professor AUEB
Manolis Kritikos, Assistant Professor AUEB